Treffpunkt der osteuropäischen Medienbranche: Die Filmteractive in Polen

BEO: What is Filmteractive all about? And what is special about it?

Olgierd Cygan: Filmteractive is a two-day international event dedicated to innovative Audi branded video content creation and distribution. This year, we will focus on second-screen solutions and projects. In general, we keep track of what is going on with digital and branded content, branded entertainment, interactive videos and cross/transmedia.

Filmteractive is the only event covering Central, Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea region. That gives a huge advantage over events held in Western Europe, especially if you would like to explore those markets and meet both decision makers and artists from those countries.

Moreover we push hard to bring both business (media, brands, investors) and art (creators, curators, artists) professionals together. That’s why we have launched the Filmteractive Market, where all of the above-mentioned can meet and exchange their projects, know-how and needs.

The Filmteractive Conference is focused about business. The Filmteractive Festival is orientated towards artists. So everyone can find something interesting.


BEO: Which relevant show-cases can you see there? Who can you meet?

Olgierd Cygan: One will be able to learn about:

– Second Screen platforms – how they work, the status-quo of those technologies, projects and case studies (Screenz and ExMachina)

– Online video distribution – Ooyala – and some data on how people use video online – Transmedia projects done by leading media companies in Europe such as ZDF, TVP or Channel4

– Best of branded content projects from Cannes Lions

– The Future of TV – how Orange perceives the evolution of content consumption by 2020

So quite a complex overview of current situation of content and distribution in terms of modern media.


BEO: Why is Branded Entertainment important to this branch?

Olgierd Cygan: Branded Entertainment is important due to the following reasons:

1. Brands can co-finance content production and find a new way to reach their target audience.

2. Media will get innovation that is necessary to keep their audience engaged and not leaving to internet.

3. Artists receive a new opportunity to create commercial projects that are not killing their artistic approach, and are somewhere in between the traditional advertising and media content. It’s new and we everyone has to learn how to get the most out of it.


BEO: Who should attend it? Why should people from Germany attend?

Oglierd Cygan: We invite brands to meet artists presenting their projects and media partners to present their best showcases. We invite media to look after new opportunities and find interesting content. We invite artists to show their work, meet other artists and learn what’s new in technology, media and advertising. Everyone will be able to learn about Second Screen – which is a trendy topic. One of the hottest trends in 2013! And most importantly, it is a considerable networking opportunity.

German professionals should attend because of networking opportunities with Polish artists and companies. We already see an interest in forming partnerships and there are a limited number of occasions to do so. They can also present their offerings to potential customers in Poland and gain market knowledge.

Furthermore, it is not only about the Polish market as we invite people from the Baltic countries – meaning attendees will be able to network with people from a number of countries.


BEO ist Medienpartner von Filmteractive und bedankt sich herzlich bei Olgierd Cygan für die interessanten Informationen. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn viele deutsche Marketingverantwortliche und Networker aus dem Filmbusiness und der Medienbranche die Veranstaltung in Polen besuchen.

Weitere Informationen zu Filmteractive finden Sie unter:

BEO-Autorin: Sandra Freisinger-Heinl

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